Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Free Learning Apps For Kids

   I compiled a list of free learning apps for kids. Some of these my kids play and they absolutely love them, especially the Fisher Price apps and Bible for kids! A lot of these apps go really well with lessons being learned in homeschool. There are apps for many subjects, such as: Math, Science, Spelling, Bible, Reading, and more! Have a look at the list:

Apps in the Google Play Store                            Apps in the Apple iTunes Store

1. PBS Kids                                                        1. Preschool and kindergarten
2. Duolingo                                                              learning games for kids and toddlers
3. Play Kids Preschool                                       2. Edu Kids Room
4. Star Tracker                                                   3. Alien Assignment
5. Neuro Nation                                                  4. Lumi Kids Park by Luminosity
6. Star Fall Free                                                  5. PBS Kids Video
7. Skyview                                                           6. Breath, Think, Do with Sesame
8. Bible for Kids                                                 7. Leo's Pad
9. Learn Language                                              8. Marco Polo Ocean
10. Quizlet                                                           9. Feel Electric!
11. Elevate- Brain Training                                10. Lego Friends Story Maker (girls)
12. Preschool Learning Games Kids                  11. NASA App
13. ABC Preschool Playground                           12. Sushi Monster
14. Fisher Price -Learning Letters                     13. Three Little Pigs
15. Fisher Price -Shapes & Colors
16. Star Chart
17. Fisher Price -Animal Sounds
18. Blackboard Mobile Learn
19. Fisher Price -Let's Count Animals
20. Toddler Preschool Activities
21. Scientific Graphing Calculator

                                         Apps for both Google Play & Apple iTunes

                                          1. Bubble pop! Math Challenge (grades 1-2)
                                          2. Bubble pop! Math Challenge (grades 3-4)
                                          3. Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe

There were so many apps to choose from! I chose the ones that stuck out to me the most and some that we have experience with.
Do your kids play any of these apps? Let us know what you think of them. What are your favorites that aren't listed here? We would love to hear your input.