Friday, August 14, 2015

Socializing Your Homeschooler

Socializing your homeschooler

    A lot of people have the misconception that homeschoolers are not socialized and just stay at home all day every day. But, we know that homeschoolers are often times more socialized than public school kids.

    Socializing your child helps them prepare for the real world. They need to be introduced to all walks of life. You teach your kids social skills every time you go to the store, meet with friends, and go to a restaurant. They watch the way you interact with other people, which teaches them the way they should interact too. Make sure you are making time to get your child out of the house for social time.

    Here are some ways you can socialize your child while homeschooling:

    1. Field trips. Taking your children on field trips can help them meet new people, make friends, and it helps with learning things in the outside world. (You can read about all different kinds of field trips in our post " Field Trip Ideas"
    2. Join a local homeschool group/co-op. This is a great way for your kids to meet other homeschoolers.
    3. Have your child join a sport through the school district or city. This is a great way for your child to interact with other kids and get exercise.
    4. Summer and winter camps. They will meet other kids and have a blast at camp. Plus, you will get a small break too.
    5. Music classes. Find a local instructor or music store that teaches music classes.
    6. Church. If you attend church, your child can participate in the church clubs for kids.
    7. Go to the park. Meeting new friends at the park is always exciting!
    8. Spelling bee. If your child is great at spelling, get them involved in spelling bee's. This could be a wonderful way for your child to meet friends and be social.
    9. Help around the neighborhood. Have your child help go around the neighborhood and ask neighbors if they need help mowing, gardening, shoveling, raking, etc.

    There are so many ways that you can socialize your homeschooler. I know I am missing quite a few. What are some ways that you socialize your child? Please share in the comments below.