Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sleep for you & your homeschooler

The importance of sleep for you and your homeschooler. 

 Sleep is important because it stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, helps improve memory, helps build muscle, reduces stress level, helps with weight loss, and increases creativity. While you sleep your cells repair themselves, your body releases important hormones, and your brain recharges. 

 To get good sleep try doing these things: 
1. Make sure your room is dark, cool and quiet. 
2. Have a bedtime routine: take a hot shower, read a book, or listen to quiet music. 
3. Avoid eating big meals before bed. A good rule to follow is no food after 7 pm. 
4. Exercise during the day. Do you have PE lined up for your kids? This would be a perfect time to fit the exercise in. 
5. Don't drink caffeine near bed time. The caffeine will keep you awake longer. 
6. Try to go to bed at the same time each night. 

 How much sleep does everyone need?: 

       AGE                                            Amount of sleep 
 infant- 2 months                                 12-18 hours 
 3-11 months                                         14-15 hours 
 1-3 years                                               12-14 hours 
 4-5 years                                              11-13 hours 
 6-10 years                                            10-11 hours 
 11-17 years                                            8-9 hours 
 18+                                                        7-9 hours 

 What happens when you don't get enough sleep and you're sleep deprived? 
 Lack of sleep: 
 1. Makes you irritable 
 2. Can cause tremors 
 3. Can decrease body temperature 
 4. Can cause memory lapses 
 5. Can cause decreased reaction time and accuracy 
 6. Causes risk of Heart Disease 
 7. Can cause body aches 
 8. Causes risk of obesity 
 9. Can cause cognitive impairment 
 10. Can cause hallucinations 
 11. Can cause growth suppression 
 12. Causes risk of Diabetes type 2 
 13. Can impair moral judgement 
 14. Can create severe yawning 
 15. Can cause symptoms similar to ADHD 
 16. Can increase heart rate variability 

 As you see, sleep plays an important role in your physical and mental health. Millions of people don't get enough sleep and suffer. Make sure you and your child are getting plenty of sleep for school, you'll need it!   

What ways do you relax before bed to get a great night sleep?