Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Money Saving Apps

  If you're like me, you don't have the patience to sift through coupons, cut coupons, print coupons, sort coupons, make lists, and organize all of it just to get free groceries with those coupons.  I would rather use an app or a money saving hack to save money.

  Here are some great money saving apps that are good on apple and android.

  1. Retailmenot: This website is great for coupon codes and discounts. You just brows through your favorite stores, go through their coupons or coupon codes, select the one(s) you want, and show it to checkout. You can even print the coupon or enter the coupon code online. Brows thousands of coupons from hundreds of stores.

  2. Shopkick: You can earn points by:
          -Making purchases
          -Simply walking into the stores
          -inviting friends
    The great part is that your points can be turned into gift cards!

  3. Wal-mart Savings Catcher: This app is great for checking prices after you have already shopped. You can scan your receipt and it will check other local stores for cheaper prices. If the app finds a cheaper price you get the difference loaded onto a Wal-mart gift card.

  4. Groupon: This app is great. You can scroll through the advertised discounts at stores in the area. Once you find the deal you want, you purchase the product through the app, print out or save the code, and show the retailer once you get there. (This also works for restaurants, spas, salons, chiropractors, and many more things) Just scroll through all the different discounts and select the one you want. Savings are between 50-90% off.

  5. Amazon Local: This app is a lot like Groupon. No need to print coupons. Purchase from your phone after making your selection. I have see deals for as little as 36% off up to a generous 96% off!

  6. Mint: This app Keeps track of all your financial accounts. It will create a budget, its password protected, and it's free!

  7. SavingStar: Two ways to save!
       1: Select offers on the web or mobile app. Check often for changing deals including their 100% cash back freebies.
       Use card at checkout or take a picture of your receipt. You can do this through the app or the website.
       Get cash in your SavingsStar account. Discounts arn't given at checkout, they will send you an email within 2-22 days (depending on the store) to get your credit.
       2: Click the retailer link on SavingStar.com. When you click shop now, you'll be taken to the website of the retailer of your choice.
       Shop online. Your savings will post automatically to your account within 10 days.
       Get cash in your SavingsStar account. Have the money go to directly to your bank or   PayPal account, you can even chose to donate to charity.

    Bonus: If you get the SavingStar American Express Card you can earn 1-10% cash back.

  8. Bill Tracker app: This app is for Apple only. however, there are apps like it on android.
      This app is great for staying on top of your bills. It is password protected, you can keep track of your due dates, track amount totals, and you get notifications for payments due.

  9. Boxed: This app lets you buy in bulk without having to go to the local members only store like Costco or Sams Club. You get free shipping on orders of $79 or more. They have hot deals and gift cards. Best of all the membership is FREE!

Do you have a favorite Money Saving app on your phone? What do you use?